When we started Skills Enrichment learning Foundation in 2010, our goal was to "Move Needy to Needed! Turn learners to leaders".  We had few volunteers and very limited funding.  But we passion for learning and desire to help others our young volunteers proved learning has no boundaries and giving is much more fun than receiving.  

Our oldest volunteer Sharon, 15 years when the foundation started, is now in medical school.  She became a Microsoft Certified Office Master at age 15, before setting her mind to be a doctor.  She earned not only a bachelor at UCLA but Diamond Best Actress award at Mindfield Film Festival.  

Our youngest volunteer, Sean, 10 when we started, became the world's youngest Microsoft Technology Specialist at 11, Youngest Microsoft Certified Trainer at 11, CompTIA certified A+ at 12 and CompTIA certified Trainer  and Adobe Certified Educator at 12 and then Microsoft Certified office Master at 13.  He now graduated from UC Irvine and is working for Microsoft.  

Valerie, hold a few world IT records on age before Sean broke those graduated from UC Berkeley double majoring in IT and Filming.  She taught a few office classes and helped others learning important job skills.  

Our focus shifted from in person and on-line IT classes to multi-media trainings.  We realized we can help more by sharing information and skills through our films.  We know it is hard to make meaningful films with limited budget.  But it is not impossible. Since 2015, we established two youtube channels with more than 13 million total views. (incarnated angels and mystery decoder)  

We also made over 500 films and won in 5 years 925 IMDb film festival awards with 620 nominations.  Like we said.  We want to "Move needy to needed, Turn learners to leaders".  Hope you can join us.