The world is changing, with most of our student volunteers moved out of Orange County for school and/or work, we have to move our training on-line.  But we found we can continue sharing our value and passion through filming.  We can't list all the great films we made, but we can share with a few we are most proud of. 

Girl Indigo - 16 going 61 Won Hell Chess 2017 Film of the year.  This is Valerie's first film.  It is hard to believe how a 12 minutes film won over many feature films with millions budget.  But this film proved nothing is impossible.

Chess Song - This short music video won Hell Chess 2018, Best Music Video.

Forever Elvis - This is 19 year Chase's first completed film.  This film won 53rd Worldfest Houston Bronze Remi Best Short Documentary award.  

Forever Four - 2020 Barebone - Annual best produced documentary, 2021 Socal Film award Best lead actor. 

Ex-Con - 2021 Socal film award - Best Adaptation

We also won 31 Accolade Global Competition between 2018 - 2021. 

** Please join our team and share your passion & creativity with the world **

Judging the IT training program's  success should not be based on how many certificates our students got but how many lives we changed.  We are proud of our achievements because our students not only got certified at young age, but also shared their knowledge and experience to help others.  

Sean- USA's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (age 11)
        World record for youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. (11) 
        World Record of youngest Microsoft Certified Trainer (13)
        World's youngest Microsoft Office Master (03, 10)
        IC-3 Certified Instructor (only 33 in CA)
        Adobe Certified Educator (only 4 in CA)
        Unofficially, youngest CompTIA A+ (12)
                         youngest CompTIA CTT+ (12)

check out Sean's video

*** Sean recently helped Cody, a vetern and a driver.  33 days after failing his first Microsoft exam, Cody is now certified in 5 Office applications and one Expert exam. 

Valerie: Met Microsoft Master Instructor 2007 requirements (age 13) 
            Adobe Certified Educator (3 in CA)
            IC-3 Certified Instructor (only 33 in CA)
            Microsoft Certified Office Mastter 2003 (age 14)
            Microsoft Certified Office Master 2010 (age 14)
            Microsoft Certified Trainer (age 14) 
            Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (age 13)
            CompTIA A+ (14)
            CompTIA CTT+ (14)

Check out Valerie's video

** Valerie & Sean recently helped Ava, a high school teacher unemployed for the last 3 years.  After help her improve her Microsoft exam score 294 points in 5 days, she got the teaching job the following week.

Sharon Wang - Office Master 07
                     MIcrosoft Certified Trainer
                     IC-3 Certified Instructor
                     Currently enrolled in high school with GPA of 4.62
*** Sharon inspired and tutored Jim & Ed now both Office Master and applied to be Microsoft Certieid Trainers.  Jim entered Certiport's "Power of 10" contest and was among top 10 finalist.  Check out their video.