Our first project in 2010 was going to group home and teach basic IT skills.  Then we started offering classes to both adults and children.  After a few years, we expanded our service through on-line classes. 

In 2015, we decided to add video editing to our training programs. The success of our youtube channels showed us how we can reach millions through social media.  in 5 years, we had over 13 million views.  

Then we decided to make films and submitted to film festivals.  in 5 years, we won over 900 IMDb film festival awards and made more than 450 award winning or nominated films.  

We would not have done this without your support.  

Check out out our online videos.

https://youtu.be/SM3KXtvOCIk   Video making tips 1. 
https://youtu.be/0WjKswsQiEA  Video making tips 2. 
https://youtu.be/iRKW1BQfbf4  How to graduate college at 17.
https://youtu.be/-qtoLcQZxuk    2self.org  Now and Then.
https://youtu.be/2QTk3dbqCpU  How to graduate college at 17 (Chinese) 

When we started going to Group homes in 2010 and teach kids how to use Microsoft Office applications, we hope the skills will not only help them with school work but also help them jump start a great career. 

Then we wish to share with them how they can take AP classes, pass CLEP exams and benefit from the many on-line classes offered at community colleges to get ahead with limited time and resources.  

And then we realized it is important to spread our messages through our videos.  Through videos, and classes, we helped turned many learners to leaders. And through volunteers' help, we made many inspiring videos.  

https://youtu.be/IsFMu-d6f3Y (Help Wanted - this video won Belgium Move me Productions Winter 2017 Best Semi-Global Impact award) 

https://youtu.be/o4YcGH_-qLA (Cause of Death - Kate and Anthony.  this video won Belgium Move me Productions Winter 2017 Best Global Impact award) 

https://youtu.be/uCPg-6aFXC4 (A battle we can't afford to lose - Breast Cancer.  This film won "Outstanding Excellence Award at International Film Festival for Environment, Health and Culture

"Platinum Award at World Humanitarian Awards"

"Gold Awards at World Peace Awards"

We believe you can reach for a star if you believe in yourself.