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If you think jobs are hard to find, imagine living in a group home and about to turn 18… which means all government assistance, whether room, shelter, or food, ends on your birthday.

If you provide these kids a meal, that help lasts 4 hours; if you give them a jacket, that may help for a season. But if you give them the skills for a job, that lasts a lifetime.

At Skills Enrichment Learning Foundation(S.E.L.F.), a non-profit organization, we welcome you to be our partner in giving these kids a gift they will never forget.

Teamed up with educators and professionals in business and technology fields, S.E.L.F has developed an ambitious project that teaches kids the job skills of today. We help kids in group homes learn computer skills, which builds confidence in them and helps them to stand on their own feet. And if they really put their hearts into it, we pay for them to take a Microsoft Certification Exam. (Microsoft certificates are designed for business professionals, but anyone over age 13 can take the exam to get certified.)

Sounds like Mission Impossible?

Far from it. In the last 6 months, kids working with Needy Network have already earned a total of 15 Microsoft certificates! Including 2 certified as Office 2007 Masters.

We’ve just started on our first group home project. The task will not be easy, but the kids were thrilled when I explained the plan. They worked through 3 hours of training and firmly told me that they want to do it again next Saturday.

I am not asking for cash donations. What I am asking for are old but functional laptops with Word and/or Excel loaded to share with these kids. And of course, if you are a computer wizard and wish to donate time to "tune up" the donated computers, that would be great, too.

Although these kids may not be ready to take Microsoft Certification Exams for some time, and some may lose interest after a few weeks, if we teach them to type their resume or write a letter, we have made an enormous difference in their lives.
The need is great. Some of these kids have difficulty even using the touchpad (mouse). One person or one group is not enough to fill this need. Any help you can give will be appreciated and rewarding.

Email me if you can donate a laptop or your time to help these kids. And I ask that you forward this email to any friends or associates that may also be able to help.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sherry Wang